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Togo’s 1st Emerald Recognition & 1st P4 Health, Slimming & Beauty Program Monthly Finals

By:Solo Alfajardo Catungal

When/Where: November 6, 2010 @ Jess House a’Djidjole, Lome, Togo.

Edmark Togo Celebrates its 1st Emerald Recognition & 1st P4 Health, Slimming & Beauty Program Monthly Finals with a Big Bash. The room was even on standing field of crowd as 111 Distributors & 64 Guest (Based on Registration) gather to witness the Outstanding Edmark Togo’s very own Emerald Managers as they unfold their success to this much awaited event.

The program started at

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almost 2pm/14H as it supposed to start at around 1pm/13H because we had to add some chairs for some guest and distributors coming. Everything enlightened as we did the opening prayer leaded by Mr. Dalok P.

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Natanoumane for the Christian prayer & Mr. Souradje Affo for the Muslim prayer after that the STP batch 1 together with the leaders energize the crowd to the tune of Edmark City Song. Heat gets intense as Mr. Francis Akakpo (the M.C.) of STP Batch 1 French ignites the flame to start the whole celebration.

The program was formally opened by Emerald Manager & STP Trainer Mr. Armand Pajota as he delivered his welcome address to all followed by Edmark Togo’s New Diamond Manager Mr. Salifou Gounteni fired up everyone as he discussed the Emerald Benefits and roles.

The much awaited part of the event has come as the Edmark Togo’s very own Emerald Managers march from the center aisle to the stage. People were shouting for joy as they were escorted by the P4 contestants. Six Emerald Managers namely Mr. & Mrs. Abostivia Sena, Mr. & Mrs. Abla Kafui Noel Agbo, Ms. Elise Adjovi, Mr. & Mrs. Marius Bagny, Mr. & Mrs. Kwassi Lebe David Agbekoh & Mr. & Mrs. Solizama Sherif Gongou. All of them have imparted their success stories in doing their Edmark Business. Our Marketing staff Grace Gatera have given the Emerald managers a song tribute on her own version of Hero by Mariah Carey.

As we come up with second part of the program, the 1st P4 power slimming, beauty and health program contestants boost up the crowd as they introduced themselves one by one, and not only that they have given us a special dance number of “Papaya” in their colorful P4 costumes. The winners were awarded by Marketing Staff Grace Gatera. 1st place Ms. Adjowa Afotogbe, 2nd Mrs. Akouwa Abotstivia & 3rdMs. Maureen Elikplim Aliti-Tay.

The program ended by 5:30pm / 17h30 with a Muslim prayer and a Christian prayer as in the beginning and people joyfully scattered still full of amazement.

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